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Symthic..? What's that?

Good question.
Symthic is the #1 place for you to find weapon and vehicle stats for the most popular games.
We're a community that love being gaming scientists and helping others by saying things like, "up to 11.525 meters that weapon will 1 hit kill with a headshot" as opposed to "yeah that gun feels good, nahh that one doesn't".

It is our community's goal to nitpick and examine every single statistic to see exactly how you can overcome it and what it will do to your performance.

Originally the site was founded by Sym in November 2011 and ever since it has been growing fast. Our forums have become a place where ideas and information flow freely and people's personalities shine.

We currently support four games and are constantly working on adding more. For more information check out the actual about-us page.

What's going on

Battlefield 1 Stats12nd October 2016

Battlefield 1 Early Access Stats released!

Battlefield 1 BETA31st August 2016

Battlefield 1 BETA Stats available!

SW Battlefront DLC22nd September 2016

Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star Stats added

SW Battlefront Update3rd July 2016

Star Wars: Battlefront stats are now up with the Bespin DLC