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Battlefield 1 Miscellaneous Information
Symthic BF1 stats version

Weapons that show "N/A" for all reload values have dynamic reload times. See reload mechanics page for more information.

Miscellaneous information


  • Each shot adds RecoilUp degrees to vertical aim (pitch)
  • Each shot adds
    random_uniform(-recoilLeft, recoilRight)
    to horizontal aim (yaw), positive being clockwise.
  • Recoil decrease per one logical frame per one axis (ver. or hor.) is calculated as follows:
  •     CurrentRecoil = Current amount of recoil (either ver. or hor.)
        RecoilDecrease = Weapon's recoil decrease value
        DeltaTime = Time since last logical frame (seconds)
        TimeSinceLastShot = Time since last fired shot (seconds)
        C = Some constant (approx. 5.0)
        RecoilTerm = ((abs(CurrentRecoil) / 0.5)^0.6 + .001) 
        Decrease = RecoilTerm * RecoilDecrease * DeltaTime * TimeSinceLastShot^0.5 * C
        NewRecoil = (CurrentRecoil - Decrease) if CurrentRecoil > 0 else (CurrentRecoil + Decrease)
  • Note that vertical and horizontal recoil are independent, and both get decreased with same equation.


  • If spread > 0.0, shot will have random dispersion from the aimpoint. Spread = radius of the circle used for random selection.
    • Random dispersion based on current spread value per shot is calculated as follows:
    • rand1 = rand(0,1)
      rand2 = rand(0,2*PI)
      horizontal_dispersion = rand1^a * spread * cos(rand2)
      vertical_dispersion   = rand1^a * spread * sin(rand2)
    • Where
      a = 0.5
      for all other weapons than shotguns. Shotguns use
      a = 1.0
      • Due to this shotguns' spread focuses in the middle (less affected by spread) while other weapons have evenly spread out dispersion.
      • Note: Shotgun pellets still have a = 1.0 and thus are evenly spread out. The center of the pellets will be closer to crosshair's center, but the pellets itself will spread out evenly.
  • Each shot adds spreadIncrease to spread.
  • Spread will start to decrease when weapon is ready to fire next shot at the rate of spreadDecrease/second.
  • Check this topic for info on movement spread.


See separate reload mechanics page for the information.

Bullet drop and drag

  • Bullet accelerates towards ground at Gravity m/s²
  • Bullet slows down at Bullet_Velocity² * Drag m/s
  • Due to drag effect leading targets at longer distances is much harder than in BF4. You can try drag's effect with this calculator.

"Deploy Time"

  • Deploy Time is the time it takes to weapon be able to fire after switching to said weapon.