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Battlefield 4 Vehicle Damage Calculator
Symthic BF4 stats version

Info and things to note:

  • Rows represent target vehicles and colums are selected weapons. You can also select what kind of values you want to see with "Value type":
    • Relative: The number you see ingame as health (damage relative to target's max health)
    • Absolute: Raw damage dealt. Used for some calculations.
  • Some of the weapons have damage dropoff, and their damage is shown as "[max dmg] - [min dmg]" with dropoff ranges on the next line.
  • These numbers are base values and do not take into account hit angle and/or weaker points (eg. tank rear). You can read more about angle modifiers on our forum.
  • These numbers take into account both impact and explosion damage (eg. MBT AP shell does impact damage plus explosion damage)
Value type