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Data File Browser
Posted by Pepin the Short - 23rd November 2013
Tags: Data Browser, Data Files

Good day,

We are happy to say that the data files for Battlefield 4 are finally available for the public to browse through the BF4 Data Browser.

The files in this browser are all pulled directly from Battlefield 4, though it's worth noting that not every file in that massive, 25GB game is in the browser. We pulled only the interesting ones; files that pertain to gameplay, such as those on weapons, vehicles, and so on; so you don't have to spend hours digging through filler data.

When you look in the browser, you'll see multiple versions of the game, which will continue to be updated as major patches and DLC are released. Each successive version contains everything, including items not patched, so you can go to the most recent one and look up whatever you like.

While our own weapon statistics pages contain enough information about each weapon for most people, if you feel like something is wrong, then the data browser is there for you to validate what you see. You may notice, as you start searching for information, that some data are spread out in odd places. Weapon files, for example, contain some weapon data, but information about spread is in the 'Gunsway' file, and data about the weapon's damage are instead in the file for the bullet that the weapon fires.

The Data Browser is not for everyone; most people may find that the data that we've collated on weapons and vehicles are enough. However, our study of how Battlefield 4 works is yet an unfinished task. If you've discovered something interesting in the Data Browser and would like to share, or if you're just trying to find out where you can find certain information, feel free to post in our forum, or to leave a comment below.

For your convenience, we have included the datapaths to elements of the data files that are of the most interest:
General Weapon Data
Spread and Recoil

Pepin the Short
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