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We have published CoD: Ghosts stats in our new V4 stats system.
Check them out at CoD: Ghost stats


Tier 1

Lightweight: Move 7% faster. Take no damage when falling.
Hardline: Earn scorestreaks 20% faster.
Blind Eye: Undetectable by AI controlled air support.
Flak Jacket: Take 65% less explosive damage (80% in Hardcore).
Ghost: Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving (faster than 50% of standard movement speed), planting or defusing bombs, or while controlling scorestreaks.

Tier 2

Toughness: Flinch 75% less when shot.
Cold Blooded: Resistant to targeting systems including: Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenade, MMS, and player controlled aircraft. No name or red crosshair when targeted.
Fast Hands: Swap weapons faster (50% less time) and use equipment faster (40% less time). Reset the fuse to 2.5 seconds when throwing back frag grenades.
Hard Wired: Immune to Counter-UAV and EMP.
Scavenger: Replenish ammo (except Grenade Launcher rounds) and equipment (except Tactical Insertion) from enemies killed by non-explosive weapons.

Tier 3

Dexterity: Be ready to shoot faster after sprinting (70% less time). Mantle (60% less time) and climb 75% faster.
Extreme Conditioning: Sprint for 8 seconds instead of 4 seconds (12 seconds instead of 6 seconds with the Combat Knife).
Engineer: Show enemy equipment in the world. Delay triggered explosives by 0.9 seconds. Reroll and booby trap Care Packages.
Tactical Mask: Reduce the effects of Flashbangs, Concussion Grenades, and Shock Charges.
Dead Silence: Move silently.
Awareness: Enemy movements are easier to hear.