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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Weapon Stats


Every player has 100 health.
After 5 seconds of not taking damage, it instantly recovers.

In Hardcore, health is reduced to 30 and does not recover.

Damage Multipliers

ARs: Head: 1.2
Type 25: Head: 1.1
M8A1: Head: 1

SMGs: Head: 1.1
Skorpion: Head: 1

LMGs: Head: 1.2
QBB LSW: Head: 1

Sniper Rifles:
SVU-AS: Head: 1.5
SVU-AS with Suppressor: Head: 1
DSR-50: Head: 2, Neck, Torso and Arms: 1.5
DSR-50 with Suppressor: Head: 2, Neck, Upper and Middle Torso, Upper Arms: 1.5
Ballista: Head and Neck: 2, Upper and Middle Torso, Arms: 1.5
Ballista with Suppressor: Head and Neck: 2, Upper Torso, Upper Arms: 1.5
XPR-50: Head: 2, Neck, Upper and Middle Torso, Arms: 1.5
XPR-50 with Suppressor: Head: 2, Neck, Upper Torso, Upper Arms: 1.5, Middle Torso: 0.95

Shotguns: Head: 1
KSG: Head: 1.5

Handguns: Head: 1
Five-seveN and TAC-45 without Dual Wield: Head: 1.4

Death Machine: Head: 1.4


Weapons can have one of four penetration levels:

None (Shotguns)
Small (SMGs, Handguns)
Medium (Assault Rifles, KSG)
Large (LMGs, Sniper Rifles, SWAT-556, FAL, SCAR-H, SMR)

Higher penetration allows shooting through more surfaces while losing less damage.
FMJ *doubles* penetration damage, but to no more than around 95% of the original damage.

ADS times

ARs: 0.25 (0.15 with Quickdraw)
SMR: 0.275 (0.165 with Quickdraw)

SMGs: 0.2 (0.1 with Quickdraw)
Peacekeeper: 0.25 (0.125 with Quickdraw)

LMGs: 0.45 (0.3375 with Quickdraw)

Sniper Rifles: 0.4
Ballista: 0.35 (0.2975 with Iron Sights)

Shotguns: 0.25 (0.15 with Quickdraw)
M1216: 0.2 (0.12 with Quickdraw)

Handguns: 0.125
Executioner: 0.2
KAP-40: 0.1

Launchers: 0.35
RPG: 0.4

Crossbow: 0.25

Death Machine: 0.2
War Machine: 0.3


Standard: 65 (up to 90 on PC)

Handguns, Death Machine and MMS: 60
SMGs, Shotguns, Launchers and Crossbow: 55
ARs, Peacekeeper, Ballista with Iron Sights and Reflex Sight: 50
LMGs, EOTech Sight and Target Finder: 45
ACOG and Variable Zoom (Low): 35
Hybrid Scope and LMGs with Variable Zoom (Low): 30
Crossbow with Dual Band: 25
SVU-AS: 20
Sniper Rifles and Variable Zoom (High): 15
LMGs with Variable Zoom (High): 12.5