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CoD: Ghosts Stats version history
Symthic Ghosts stats version
6th January 2014
Patch changes & plots fixed
The old accuracy plots had few errors in them - those have been fixed.
The latest patch changes are now reflected in the stats too.
7th November 2013
Fixed accuracy plots & rounding errors
Accuracy plots had scaling errors (Horizontal recoil was 3x of what it should've been).
This has been fixed.
Few rounding errors were fixed as well, ie. sc-2010 fire time from 0.079 to 0.08.
5th November 2013
Accuracy plots have been published
Accuracy plot pages are now available:
Accuracy plots
Accuracy plot comparison
4th November 2013
Initial release of ghosts stats
A lot stuff is still missing, but we're working hard on getting everything ready asap.