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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Weapon Stats

General information (Unfinished)

The stats are in progress, there will be a lot more information in a few days.

Damage & health

The player health is 100.

The damage multipliers are
following for the 'normal' weapons:

Head: 1.3 - except 2.0 for snipers
Torso & Hands: always 1.0
Legs: 0.8 - except 0.5 for snipers

Weapon charts

All weapons have muzzle velocity of 350m/s. Projectiles have 1 second time to live
so the projectiles disappears approximately after 350 meters.
Accuracy stats are currently known, but what they mean, is unknown.
Help us understanding the numbers by participating in discussion on our forums.

For our new interactive ajaxified weapon charts check out

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Weapon Charts

Weapon comparison

You might know about our weapon comparison tool for BF3.
Same kind of system will be implemented for MoH:WF too.
Because of it's complexity, it'll take a few days for us to code it.
Our registered members will get an early access.

MoH:WF Forums

Be sure to check out our forums for more MoH:WF stats, tips and general discussion.
We have a very active, professional data analysing community and everyone are free to join. Forum - MoH: Warfighter