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Notice (100 days 9 hours ago)
Some of the new values (Kraber's buff against titans, for example) seem to be missing from the files.
Due to this stats may be missing some other updates from patches. We're working on adding these.
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100 days 9 hours ago

Updated to 11.4.2014 patch

Database has been updated to 11.4.2014 patch.
105 days 6 hours ago

Pilot ordnance + Multipliers

Added pilot ordnance and info on headshot/critical hit multipliers.
132 days 9 hours ago

TF Stats published

The very first version of our Titanfall stats is now out! Lots of features are still missing, but they will be added asap.
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All our Titanfall info is taken directly from the game files so the data is 100% accurate.
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