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A few words about what we are

Symthic..? What's that?

Symthic is the #1 place for you to find weapon and vehicle stats for the most popular games.
We're a community that loves being gaming scientists and helping others by saying things like, "up to 11.525 meters that weapon will 1 hit kill with a headshot" as opposed to "yeah that gun feels good, nahh that one doesn't".

It is our community's goal to nitpick and examine every single statistic to see exactly how you can overcome it and what it will do to your performance.

Originally the site was founded by Sym in November 2011 and has been growing fast ever since. Our forums have become a place where ideas and information flow freely and people's personalities shine.

We currently support five games and are constantly working on adding more.


We've been one affecting character in BF3 weapon balance.
Demize99 has been in contact with us and some changes were even figured out in the Symthic chat with Demize.
We've received pre-patch files from the DICE to analyze and give feedback on before the patch was rolled out.

Later on we launched the [dice report] to help even more with the BF3's weapon balance.

We have the most comprehensive BF3 bug list and many other things we've helped DICE and the whole BF3 community with.


Symthic, as what we know it as now, was founded in november 2011.
Before that Symthic was Sym's nick, and the website was his private website meant for his friends and personal projects.

When he got his hands on the BF3 data and published the first weapon charts on the public part of the website, it got a new meaning in a few days. Other things moved and symthic became a BF3 weapon stats-website.

The website was very basic and poorly polished with simple BF3 damage chart-images and other general information.
It was hosted on Sym's old broken laptop from his home and worked behind the url

It didn't take long til the traffic grew too much for the laptop to handle and we moved to a real webhost and obtained the domain
That's how Symthic was born.

A few weeks later, the Symthic forum was created and it quickly became the place for BF3 data enthusiasts.
We wouldn't be here without our awesome community, big thanks to everyone who has helped!

Later, Symthic V2 was published and this time it actually looked like a website.
V2 had more games, too, and we've been adding even more along the way.

Around that time we gathered a lot of popularity because of more userfriendly website and more cooperation with DICE.
V3 was published at the end of 2012 and it included many new features.

During the summer of 2013, Symthic was sold to Curse Inc., but nothing changed development-wise.
Sym continues to run the site like before.

V4 was published October 2013 alongside Battlefield 4.