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Battlefield 3 Weapon Stats

Damage & health

The player health is 100.
In hardcore the default is 60.000004.
Player can still be alive with 0% health as the health shown in UI (or calculated
in assists) is rounded so they actually can have in example 0.3 healthpoints left.

Player's health and bullet damage may be different on custom preset servers.
Admins can change the `BULLET DAMAGE MODIFIER IN %´ and `PLAYER HEALTH IN %´.

Standing on health kit gives you 10 hp/sec.
Without health kit the regenartion rate is 5 hp/sec.
You start recovering health 16 seconds after taking damage.
If you run into a health kit range and then run out of its range before you have full hp,
it will always take 12 seconds to start normal 5hp/sec regeneration again.

The damage multipliers are following:

Head: 2.0x except:
2.4x for revolvers, sniper rifles and shotguns

Legs: 0.91x

Upper chest: 1.0x except:
1.25x for revolvers, sniper riles and slugs
1.06x for M98B

Weapon charts

On the weapon charts page you can select classes,
choose what to sort the chart by and add an attachment.
The chart shows the selected weapons in selected order and
automatically calculates the numbers with the selected attachment.
If the selected attachment makes the value worse, it'll be colored
orange and if the stat is better with the attachment, it'll be colored lime.

For information about the exact meaning of the numbers, check out this guide:
In depth tutorial for: Charts, Plots, recoil and spread mechanism...etc

Weapon comparison

In the weapon comparison you can select two weapons with attachments to side by side comparison.
In the results better value is colored lime and worse orange.
You can also compare same weapon with different attachments.

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