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Battlefield 4 Miscellaneous Information
Symthic BF4 stats version

Miscellaneous information


  • Each shot adds RecoilUp degrees to vertical aim (pitch)
  • Each shot adds random_uniform(-recoilLeft, recoilRight) to horizontal aim (yaw), positive being clockwise.
  • For each logical frame recoil decreases by following function: recoilDec * scale * time²
    • recoilDec: Recoil decrease value from the site
    • scale: 0.1 if gun is not ready to fire next shot, 1 otherwise.
    • time: Time since last fired shot in seconds
    • Logical frames != rendering frames. Logical FPS is locked (possibly same as server's tickrate).


  • If spread > 0.0, shot will have random dispersion from the aimpoint. Spread = radius of the circle used for random selection.
  • Each shot adds spreadIncrease to spread.
  • Spread will start to decrease when weapon is ready to fire next shot at the rate of spreadDecrease/second.
  • Check this topic for info on movement spread