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Battlefield 4 Stats version history
Symthic BF4 stats version
4th January 2016
Vehicle pages updated with damage calculator
Old vehicle data replaced with a damage calculator with varius weapons vs. different vehicles.
15th December 2015
Updated to BF4 14th December ("Legacy Operations") patch
Weapon database has been updated with 15th December patch.
27th October 2015
Updated to BF4 27th October patch
Weapon database has been updated with 27th October patch. Added M60 ULT to weapon database.
1st September 2015
Updated to BF4 1st September patch
Weapon database has been updated with 1st September patch. Full changelog here
21st August 2015
Added weapon descriptions and small tweaking
Weapon descriptions have been added. Big thanks to CobaltRose for writing them!
Very minor tweaking around the site.
26th May 2015
Updated to 26th May 2015 patch ("Spring patch").
Weapons updated + added new weapons.
Attachment updated.
24th November 2014
Updated to Final Stand patch.
Accuracy plots updated.
Raw values for spreads with weapons using bullpup now visible in chart tooltips.
Grips restored back to weapons which have them always on (like bullpups).
TTK/BTK charts updated with option for 0.93x multiplier and color coding.
Missing values for Saiga-12k fixed along with pellet amount.
Attachments descriptions updated.
7th October 2014
TTK/BTK charts added
General info miscellaneous section updated with recoil/spread info.
Body damage multipliers updated.
Animation in logo will be disabled if battery-using device is detected (Not too widely supported).
Small tweaks here and there.
30th September 2014
Updated stats with BF4 30th September patch
Updated weapon database.
For exact patch notes, check out this topic.
19th August 2014
Updated stats with BF4 patches till 19th August 2014
Updated weapon database and added Dragon's Teeth weapons:
Bulldog, MPX, CS5, Deagle_44 and Unica_6
31st March 2014
Updated stats to BF4 31st March patch
Updated weapon database.
For exact patch notes, check out this topic.
28th March 2014
Naval Strike weapons added
AR160, AWS, SR-2, SR338 and SW40 have been added to the stats system
7th March 2014
Updated stats to BF4 7th March patch
Updated weapon database.
For exact patch notes, check out this topic.
1st February 2014
Database updated to BF4 30th January patch
Updated weapon database.
Second Assault DLC weapons are now also available: AS VAL, F2000, M60E4, DAO12 and Gol.
For exact patch notes, check out this topic.
24th January 2014
Shotgun page updated
Added missing shotguns at shotgun list.
Adv. attachment data doesn't now color non-changed values.
10th January 2014
China Rising DLC weapons added
L85A2, L96A1, MP7, MTAR-21 and RPK-74M have been added to the stats system
20th December 2013
Few vehicle numbers fixed
Yet another update about vehicle stats.
A bunch of incorrect numbers have been fixed
15th December 2013
More vehicle data
  • Added acceleration for missiles
  • Added more info for laser guided versions of weapons
  • Added inner blast radius
  • Increased the accuracy of damage statistic for weapons that do explosive damage in excess of 100
  • Added Reactive Armour info and critical thresholds for vehicles
  • Added MRAP and ART vehicles and weapons
  • Added wording to more clearly indicate that a particular damage pertains to infantry
  • Corrected various errors

Settled on unifying numbers for MAA and IFV on nearly all entries. While there are differences between the two vehicles, and even between factions, these differences are insignificant enough (between .5-2.0) that for the sake of efficiency and to make the tables read easier, this made the most sense.

Still to do:

Stationary Weapons
Weapon Suppression
4th December 2013
Vehicle stats published
First version of the vehicle stats is now available here
15th November 2013
Patch changes applied & Moving modifier fixed
14th November patch changes have been applied to the stats system.

Weapon balancing changes:
AKU-12: BRoF - from 1000 to 750
M1911: HIPRecoilDec - from 20 to 18
M1911: HIPRecoilUp - from 0.7 to 0.6

For complete patch changes, check out this topic.
Algorithm for calculating the moving spread when moving modifier is applied have been fixed as well.
Earlier it was just SpreadMoveMin*SpreadMoveMod
Now it's SpreadBaseMin + (SpreadMoveMin-SpreadBaseMin)*SpreadMoveMod
This only affects moving spread values while having Ergo or Vertical grip attached.
7th November 2013

Few numbers fixed
We missed few stat changes from the patch - these has been fixed now.
Here's list of the changes:
- Spread increase per shot - ACE 53 SV: 0.5 to 0.3 QBU88: 0.4 to 0.3 M39EBR: 0.6 to 0.4 MK11: 0.6 to 0.4 RFB: 0.6 to 0.4 SCAR-H SV: 0.6 to 0.4 SKS: 0.3 to 0.25 SVD12: 0.6 to 0.4 M40A5 RoF 54 to 60 AK12 Burst RoF 900 to 750 AK5C ADSRecoilUp 0.26 to 0.32 Pump 12g frag EDmg 20 to 10 Plots have been updated as well.
3rd November 2013

Shotgun stats added
First version of the shotgun stats has been released.
1st November 2013

Accuracy plot comparison published
Accuracy plot comparison page has been added.
Small typo fixes applied.
1st November 2013

Compensator & Bipod plots fixed
There was a small error in compensator & bipod plots (horizontal recoil mod didn't take effect). This has been fixed.
31st October 2013

Accuracy plots have been added!
Accuracy plots have been added to the weapon info pages and multi comparison.
Accuracy plot comparison haven't been published yet, but it's on it's way.
Couple typos has been fixed as well.
29th October 2013

Reload times fixed & bunch of small fixes
Few reload times were incorrect (ACW-R for example).
These has been fixed.

A bunch small non-data related fixes has been applied again:
- Weapon chart sort errors have been fixed and new sort by-items have been added.
- Bullet drop values have been added everywhere.
- Suppressor & Flash hider not behaving good in simple comparison fixed.
- Updated attachments pics.
- Addded attachment names to multicomparison table titles.
- Many typo fixes.
29th October 2013
Bullet drop added & a lot small fixes
Bullet drops have been added to the charts and both comparisons. A lot small fixes has been applied as well:
- Few muzzle velocities were extremely low - these has been fixed.
- Few weapons were in wrong category class wise - fixed as well.
- Comparison style error fixed: long weapon names couldn't fit the box.
- Weapons not being accepted as input has now been fixed 100%.
- One or two weapon pics were missing, added.
- Few weapon names were incorrect - fixed as well.
28th October 2013
First release of the actual BF4 stats.
Stats are for BF4 Release + day 1 patch

Much has changed since the beta, but a lot of stuff is still missing.

Changes list:
- The data is from game files: 100% accurate stats!
- New icons
- Style updated overall
- Added Shotguns section
- Added Attachments section
- Added burst RoF to the charts
- Fixed some 401 errors with the stats engine
- Fixed typos in charts and simple comparison
- Fixed template error with first shot recoil multiplier and muzzle velocity
3rd October 2013
0.13 BETA
Added sniper rifles and DMRs.

3rd October 2013
0.12 BETA
Fixed issue with P226 causing Fatal error 401 or not being accepted.
Fixed image paths on weapon info and comparison launcher.
Removed unnecessary update dates from items that are not released
and fixed the timestamp on ones that are released.
2nd October 2013
0.11 BETA
First public version
Stats are for BF4 version: Beta

The data for this is version is from in-game testing and thus is not 100% accurate.
Many guns are still missing, but we're constantly working on adding more data.