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All our content is copyrighted and you have no permission to share it anywhere excluding the following cases:
Posting a screenshot of one row of the weapon charts or one box of the weapon comparison pages anywhere as long as you link back to and mention that it's from here.
This includes YouTube videos. Input the link back to charts or comparison page within the first 10 lines of the video description and mention where the data is from.

We can't forbid you from reading our charts and posting the information you learnt somewhere else, but we would really appreciate if you would tell where the information is from.


We are not responsible for content posted by users on our forums.
Anyone is able register and post their desired content without the content being pre-moderated and approved.
We are doing the best we can to keep all illegal acitivity away from the forum, but we can't be kept responsible for illegal content as it's impossible to check every post.
If you find illegal content, let us know about it via forums or email.
Users are not allowed to post any of the following content or links to content like: Illegal content, pornography, pirated software / warez sites, files that they don't have copyrights to, hate material.
Also all kind of advertising on the forums by users is forbidden, whether it fits the subject or not excluding discussion about things like Xbox controllers and the like.

We can't guarantee that the data will be here for ever. We may delete any content from any part of the site from any user without reporting to the user before taking the action.
Of course we wish that the site is forever.


Any violation of these terms will get your account suspended, usually after two warnings though.
We reserve the right to remove any account and forbid access to the site for anyone for any reason.
By registering and/or using the site you have to agree to these terms.